Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

I was so incredibly touched to see not only one but TWO houses constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright at the Currier Museum in December 2021. The Zimmerman’s left their house and all of their possessions inside to the @curriermuseum which provided an immersive experience when observing their home. You were really able to picture how they lived from day to day. Wright built the Zimmerman house from corner to corner on the property line and it shows. I couldn’t fit the whole house into one shot so enjoy as many details as you can get. Also, an honorable mention to the gorgeous, fresh snow…. it really frames the house so you can see the architecture in all its glory! The wood used throughout the house is called Georgian Cypress and is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail throughout was what made it for me. Notice how the wood grain continues around the corner in some one the photos. It’s those details that make the house a true work of art. The windows were my favorite architectural aspect in the Kalil house. The grid theme was maintained throughout and everything lined up creating a satisfactory, balanced feel. If you’re from the area, I definitely recommend visiting these houses, I’m sure they look good in any season.