Frances Forever

Frances is a talented musician from Boston, MA who makes dreamy, bedroom pop music for everyone. Their lyrics are relatable and their voice is smooth like buttah. I’m so happy we got to collab as much as we did!

These photos are from two different sessions we had. The outdoors in the late summer 2019 & the studio ones in early Jan 2020. I had next shot in the studio quite like this before, but we made due with a few lights & lots of pink plastic. I loved how simple the setup was, but would do things differently now that I’ve had more experience. After we took photos we walked in a snowstorm to get dinner 🙂 The first photo of Frances was used for their song “Space Girl” that went viral during the pandemic with millions of streams! So cool that my work was seen by so many people and I’m so proud of Frances and thrilled we were able to work together multiple times. I love their look so much, they’re an absolute natural in front of the camera.

It was such a blast bopping around downtown Portsmouth, NH for our summer shoot. They wanted pictures for social media posts & announcements. We stumbled upon a church with pink walls and the light did most of the work. We found the angel wings in a bin for children and got to play around. The light coming through the windows was gorgeous and added so much needed texture and interest. We ended the session in the gardens of course. Pink is the theme as per usual and the flowers were a perfect compliment to their hair.